Is a project about sharing and grow.
We decide to instead sell merchandise like t-shirts, and other items, we will like to teach how to build your own skateboard, from scratch.

Why Skateboards?

Skate it’s not only a sport, or a street gangs, sk8 it’s not a crime. Skate is about commit, about don’t give up, about to try again and again no matter the pain, the desperation and the frustration. It’s perseverance and follow your goal no matter what they say.

So we want to fuel all that, through workshops for kids and youth and everyone between 6 and 99 years old.
There is something about proud when you build your own board, because it’s not only something that you build, it’s something that you can use daily, you can ride it, you can find a meaning for it.

We will be posting our workshops as they will be ready.
Some of them for kids
Some of them for youngsters
Some of them for 40+ years old skaters

Some of them from retired woodmasters

And every now and then we will doing giveaways. So keep an eye on us


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